3/31 | How To: Rolled Ribbon Flowers

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday weekend and spending lots of quality time with their families! Today I am going to show you how to make a flower with just some ribbon and an extra lage glue dot!

rolled flower

You first want to cut your ribbon at a very steep angle. Then you will want to place it in the middle of your extra large glue dot. Next, twirl the ribbon around around your finger and wrap it around the center where you first place the ribbon down. It may look a little funny in the beginning, but just keep wrapping the ribbon and it will start to look more and more like a flower! When you reach the outer edge and are all finished wrapping make sure to cut a very smal tail and tuck it under the flower! You can add something to the middle: pearls, buttons, bead, whatever floats your boat, OR you can leave it as is. it this one above, I left it plain and I think it looks pretty cute and in the ones featured down below, i added little pearls in the middle! These flowers will look fabulous on cards, tags, gift boxes, anything really!


For this little gift box, I made 4 different colored homemade flowers and a small heat embossed tag.  I also wrapped some matching orange ribbon across the lid and at the same point on the bottom of the box.

Now you have a super cute little gift box to give someone a store bought present or even better, a handmade present!

Have a great day!


If you are wondering where to get such a large glue dot, here is a link to the exact ones I used from therm o web!




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