9/30 | 16 Sweet DIY Sweet 16 Party Ideas


You are in for a treat today! I have gathered 16 Sweet DIY Sweet 16 Party Ideas just for you! They are all so fun! I am so inspired and am ready to start creating for my 16th birthday in February. These ideas will all help you trow the best 16th birthday party ever!

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1. Glitter Bomb Eggs 


2. Bowa Background 


3. Checkerboard Dance Floor


4. Splatter Pain Ballons 


5. Glow in the Dark Ring Toss


6. Photo Booth 


7. Exploding Cake Prank

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.58.02 PM

8. Ballon Arch


9. Scavenger Hunt


10. Disko Ball


11. Ruffled Streamers 


12. 16 Lighted Sign 


13. Piñata


14. Duck Tape Water Bottles 


15. Metallic Tassel Garland


16. Hanging Ballons 


These ideas are ideal for any teen party. Wether you have a small scale party with a few close friends or a blow out, you have to try some of these out! People will be raving about your party for years to come! Hope you enjoyed these DIY Sweet 16 Party Ideas. They’re fun and easy to make and these easy party ideas will be a hit! Leave us a comment and share your favorite idea!

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14 thoughts on “16 Sweet DIY Sweet 16 Party Ideas”

  1. Courtney, that’s awesome! Follow you dreams. I’m looking for the how to make your own photobooth DIY. Can you help me?

  2. That duct-tape water bottle idea was FAB!!
    Do you have any suggestions for a sweet 16 birthday banner?
    Thanks a lot!

  3. I like the backyard checkerboard dance idea. We’ll probably do something similar for my son. We’ve got the earlier part of the day planned out: Hunting and hiking in the backwoods. He would have wanted to do just that, but we suggested it was more social to have a party to invite friends over. He’s consenting, but we have to get everything taken care of.

  4. Im turning 16 and I want a super fun party that everyone will remember but i have to have my party at my house. I want a party that is nice but not too fancy more like skirts. But I also want to be special and not something I would do any year. My mom says I can do what every I want as long as it docent cost much money and is at home. Please help I need as many suggestions as possible, my birthdays coming up soon.

  5. these are great ideas! thank u for taking the time out of ur day to make something that may benefit everyone!

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