9/30 | Outdoor Pumpkin Luminary

Hey guys! Halloween is around the corner and it’s time to start our Halloween crafts again. I love making holiday crafts and decorating the inside as well as the outside of my home for this time of year, but no one likes paying so much for their decor. Good thing us crafters get to DIY to save a buck or two, and make awesome one of a kind pieces, like this great Outdoor Pumpkin Luminary! I’ll show you how to make it today.



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Here’s How To make Them:

tan_edit_bcb_9782tan_edit_bcb_9786Step 1 : Paint the entire pumpkin orange, the stem brown, and the dowel black. Then Spray with acrylic sealer and allow to dry.
Step 2 : Seal your painted Make It Fun : Foam Pumpkin with an acrylic sealer, this will protect it during the holiday season. tan_edit_bcb_9820
Step 3 : Insert the dowel through the bottom of the pumpkin and hot glue in place.


Step 4 : Cut a hole out of the back of the pumpkin, insert the LED light, and reinsert the foam piece you cut. tan_edit_bcb_9912
Step 5: Tie a bow onto the base of the pumpkin with the ribbon and place outside to show your holiday spirit!

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What did you guys think of our fun foam craft transformation? I love how this project came together and love how in expensive this project was! I think this would be a great one to do with the kids.

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