10/31 | DIY Galaxy Pumpkin

Hey what’s going on guys? I have to share with you one of my favorite Halloween tutorials I’ve ever made! It’s an awesome DIY Galaxy Pumpkin that looks out of this world. I thought it would be very hard to create and was intimidated at first but honestly it was super easy and fun! I’m so glad I chose to use a foam pumpkin for this project because I think I would cry if it started to rot. It turned out way better than I thought it would and I can’t wait to share this great DIY Halloween pumpkin tutorial with you guys. Let’s get started!


Supplies : Different Textured Sponges | Paint Brushes | Black Foam Pumpkin | Americana Decor Multi-Surface Paints These are the colors I used : Pewter, Blue Bird, Purple Sunset, Silver, Black Tie, Champagne, and Flamingo

Here’s What You’ll Do:

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Step 1: Take all your colors except for your metallic paint colors and use different sponges to blot the colors onto the pumpkin, creating a unique galaxy base design!


Step 2: While the paint is still wet, take another sponge and blend the colors together just a bit to help make them flow better like the real galaxy.

Step 3: Now take a small paint brush and dip it into the Americana Decor Multi-Surface Gold paint. Lightly splatter the pumpkin all over, randomly. Repeat with the metallic silver and white paint as well.tan_edit_bcb_0307
Step 4:  Last but not least take a detail brush and add some stars to your galaxy, remembering that it looks better when you’re not trying to be perfect!

Step 5: Now allow your pumpkin to dry and enjoy your amazing, one-of-a-kind, DIY Galaxy Pumpkin!tan_edit_bcb_0338


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