10/31 | How to Sew a DIY Bow Pillow

Bow pillows are pretty much taking the pillow world by storm! I am glad about it too, because they are so fun and pretty! Like most pretty things I see, I said “I can make that!” and I did. Today I am sharing how to sew a DIY bow pillow and walking you through all the steps in the video. It is an easy sewing project for beginners, so enjoy the video! 

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This DIY bow pillow will make a great addition to any teen room decor! What teenage girl wouldn’t want a pillow that looks like a bow on their bed? If you’re interested in learning how to sew regular throw pillows, check out this video!
As always, I am here to be your personal sewing cheerleader! I want you to love seeing as much as I do, and that’s hard to do if you’re not successful. If you come across any questions that I don’t seem to answer in the video, just leave a comment on the video or this post and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Happy Sewing!!

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