3/31 | DIY Surprise Promposal Idea

What’s going on guys, promposal season is coming up and I know you’re searching for awesome and unique promposal ideas to make your’s super special, so we have a treat for you! With the help of Duck Brand we were able to help our friend Taylor pull off a DIY Surprise Promposal Idea for his special lady, Lauren, that she never  would have seen coming! If you want to really surprise your date, then this prom proposal is perfect for you! Check out how we made it all happen in the awesome video down below: 

If you want to recreate the same promposal, here is exactly what we did:
Tan_Edit_BCB_3517_March 04, 2017
36 inch box, roll of white paper, Duck Tape®, scissors, pen, poster board, balloons
Step 1: Cover the entire box with white paper.
Step 2: Add a fun geometric design with Duck Tape® on the sides of the box.
Step 3: Draw bubble letters to spell out “PROM?” on the poster.
Step 4: Cut duck tape into small pieces and fill the letters in randomly.
Step 5: On the day of the promposal, grab matching balloons and secure them to the inside of your box.
Tan_Edit_BCB_3510_March 04, 2017
Wasn’t that such a creative way to prompose? It was so much fun helping a friend with this project, and it was even more fun watching the surprise unfold! One thing I love about this idea is that it’s almost fool proof! As long as your special someone is home and you quietly set up your big surprise, they will never see it coming. Who could say no to a promposal that awesome?!
Tan_Edit_BCB_3506_March 04, 2017
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