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DIY_Promposal_IdeaHey everyone! It’s prom season, and all this week on the blog we’re sharing fun and exciting DIY Promposals that you’ll be able to take and make your own for your very special someone. This special promposal is perfect to have if you’re wanting to prompose right after school, and the best part is that we’re using Removable White Matte label sheets from OnlineLabels.com. Are you ready to see it come together? Let’s get started.

Step 1: Click this link right here and print out our already made template of cute and relatable ‘reasons to go to prom with me’ hearts, or design your own with an app like PicMonkey.com.
Step 2: Following the directions for your printer, load your Removable White Matte label sheets from OnlineLabels.com and simply print your labels from your computer. 
Tan_Edit_BCB_5037_March 29, 2017
Tan_Edit_BCB_5047_March 29, 2017 Tan_Edit_BCB_5049_March 29, 2017
Step 3: Now you’re going to want to take your labels and cut each heart out with a pair of scissors.
Tan_Edit_BCB_5053_March 29, 2017 Tan_Edit_BCB_5056_March 29, 2017 Tan_Edit_BCB_5059_March 29, 2017
Step 4: Simply remove the backing of your removable labels and apply them to your car. We even picked up a few coordinating balloons to accent our promposal. Your potential date will want to see that extra effort from you, too! Tan_Edit_BCB_5067_March 29, 2017
That was super easy and would be a great promposal! What we love is that we used Removable Labels from OnlineLabels.com and they’re able to be peeled off with ease. No worries about damaging the surface you choose to prompose with.Tan_Edit_BCB_5081_March 29, 2017If you’re interested in seeing more promposal inspiration, be sure to check it all out right here. We’ve had a great time seeing these come together!

This post was sponsored by OnlineLabels.com. Thank you for supporting the brand partners that make A Little Craft In Your Day possible.

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