6/30 | DIY Dip Dyed Shirt

Hello everyone! Today i’m going to be showing you how we made this kick-butt, tumblr inspired, so stylish DIY Dip Dyed Shirt! Whenever I wear it I get so many compliments and no one believes that we made it in under 30 minutes! This project idea can totally transform a shirt from one you never wear to one you never want to take off! This is also a great summer DIY project, and a great fashion DIY! You won’t believe how fast, easy, and fun this was to make! Check out how we pulled it off down below!

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Supplies : | White Shirt | Rit Dye | Large Pot | Spoon |

Steps : 

Step 1- Fill up and boil your pot of water, then shake and add your Rit Dye, and stir.

Step 2- Dip and saturate your shirt however you like. Once finished, hand and let dry for 6-8 hours then wash on a cold setting.

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