DIY S’mores Snack Mix

Rachel Hensley — 06/14/2017

If you want a super fast and easy recipe to take with you on the go then this is the one for you! Today I made DIY S’mores Snack Mix and it’s the perfect mix between sweet and salty which

DIY Monogram Headboard

Rachel Hensley — 06/12/2017

Hey everyone! With summer kicking off it’s always great so spruce up your room with some awesome DIYs! I’m a firm believer that almost your entire room can be DIY’d, from furniture to decor, and today’s tutorial is no different.

The Best Beach Products You Didn’t Know Existed

Rachel Hensley — 06/07/2017

What’s going on everyone? Summer is just a few days away and that means time for the beach! My family goes every year, and we take the same old quilt to sit on, the usual beach bag that gets filled

DIY Watermelon Pillow

Courtney Chambers — 06/05/2017

What’s up, guys!? I’m coming at you today with another easy and fun DIY Pillow idea! I know we’ve made some in the past, our most popular being our DIY Galaxy Pillow, but I can see this super cute idea

Score The Best and Cheapest Summer Gear

Rachel Hensley — 06/04/2017

Summer is fast approaching and that means we have limited time to stock up on the best summer accessories! Whether you’re looking for a fresh pair of Ray Bans, a giant donut float, or a waterproof phone case, we’ve got

DIY Fabric Bins

Courtney Chambers — 06/01/2017

What’s going on everyone! Today we made a project I know you’ll love. Now, don’t be intimidated because it has sewing involved, I promise its super easy to do! Whether you need a space to put all your change, keep

DIY Polka Dot Desk Organzier

Tanner Bell — 05/30/2017

I love creating custom desk DIY projects and once I found this plain desk organizer, I just knew that I had to create this DIY polka dot distressed desk organizer with our removable circle labels from Online Labels. You’re going

DIY Fruit Slice Serving Trays

Rachel Hensley — 05/30/2017

Hey everyone! I know with summer here we’re all expecting lots of cute fruit DIY project ideas so today is no different! I think this idea is so cute and fun, and they look so cute anywhere in your home.

Craft Supplies You Can’t Live Without

Tanner Bell — 05/26/2017

As we’ve been blogging for the past three years here, we’ve yet to build a resource page that is essentially an answer to any of your craft supply, DIY tools, blogging tricks, or other resources that we feel you may

DIY Stenciled Wood Plank Canvas

Rachel Hensley — 05/23/2017

Hey guys! Today we brought out our Cricut to make an amazing DIY project that I made for a friend of mine who is getting married. I thought it would be the perfect homemade wedding gift for them. It was simple but

The Best Mug Meals You’ll Ever Try

Rachel Hensley — 05/23/2017

No one wants to make a ton of food for one person, do they? I mean, unless you want to eat leftovers for weeks. Maybe you want a delicious single serving dinner or a yummy dessert for one, but is

DIY Glitter Planter

Courtney Chambers — 05/19/2017

With spring finally here we all are dying to get out of school, go outside, and enjoy the warm weather and everything that comes along wth it. Finding DIYs to get us pumped for the upcoming season are what keeps