Popsicle Keychain – Teen Summer Craft

Rachel Hensley — 07/16/2018

Who doesn’t love summer? I love making fun crafts in the summertime. I also love making projects with my friends. I love seeing how different my friends’ creativity is compared to mine. I got all my friends together to make

Revamped Wooden Planter

Rachel Hensley — 07/14/2018

Now that summer is here we need to get our houses ready! It’s time to put away all the old decor and make some new and fun DIY summer home decor. The projects don’t have to be super hard. Everyone

Back To School Reverse Canvas Project

Rachel Hensley — 07/10/2018

My daughter is such a bookworm. She hasn’t started reading yet, but she spends hours every day pouring over her collection of picture books. I created the reverse canvas in this tutorial to encourage her as she learns to read.

Palm Leaf Wall Art

Rachel Hensley — 07/10/2018

Who doesn’t love some good DIY room decor? It’s almost summer and that means you have just enough time to plan and make some fun summer home decor projects. Whether you like them simple or bold you can always find

DIY Paint Chip Banner

Courtney Chambers — 07/08/2018

Pineapples are totally my thing, so when I decided to make a DIY Paint Chip Banner for a DIY teen room decor project I knew that I just had to use a pineapple punch!I love making DIY Paint Chip crafts

DIY Rally Pom Poms From Trash Bags

Rachel Hensley — 07/06/2018

This post is sponsored by Color Scents and all opinions are my own. I want to talk to you guys about trash! Well, not actual trash, but what you throw your trash in.  I had no idea what a huge

DIY Galaxy Chocolate Bark

Rachel Hensley — 07/06/2018

I don’t think galaxy DIYs will go out of style anytime soon. Everyone loves to transform everyday things into galaxy patterned masterpieces. On the blog, we’ve created our fair share of fun galaxy craft ideas from pillows to pumpkins. Today we want

DIY Love Quote Room Decor

Rachel Hensley — 07/04/2018

Everyone needs some new and improved room decor. I love making my own home decor because I know what I make is one-of-a-kind! Not to mention how expensive home decor is at the store. You can make your own decor for

Pizza In a Mug

Rachel Hensley — 07/02/2018

Who doesn’t love pizza? I know I do. It’s probably my favorite food. I enjoy learning how to make different pizza recipes but sometimes I just want the greasy mass made pizza from my local pizza place. On the other

Cute DIY Baby Onesie

Rachel Hensley — 06/30/2018

If you or someone you know is expecting a baby girl, you’ve got to make this DIY. I love surprising my friends with gifts for their baby. Maybe sometimes you’d rather save some money and make a baby shower gift

DIY Cork Board Containers

Courtney Chambers — 06/28/2018

I love these DIY Cork Board Containers because I am constantly in need of reminders. On any given day I am tasked with managing what feels like 100 different tasks. I am sure you can relate because everyone has a