DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Rachel Hensley — 02/22/2018

With spring finally approaching it’s always a good idea to do some spring cleaning, and I don’t just mean vacuuming up year old dust bunnies. Us teens are growing and changing every day, sometimes the decor we liked a year ago, isn’t

DIY Cricut Easter Crafts

Mary Aurellano — 02/21/2018

I love Easter! I love what it means, I love celebrating it, and I love making Easter crafts with my Cricut. If you have a Cricut and want to make some super cute crafts quickly and easily, this is the

Easter Crafts For Kids

Mary Aurellano — 02/21/2018

Easter is on the way! We only have a little over a month to plan, and with kids involved that may not even be enough time. Kids love Easter, and it’s so important to teach them the reason for the

DIY Nursery Decor For Boys

Mary Aurellano — 02/20/2018

Nursery decor can be very expensive, and if this is your first baby you need to cut costs all you can because there are a lot more important things to buy than decor. Lucky for you we’ve rounded up a ton

The Best Dinner Recipes

Mary Aurellano — 02/19/2018

Dinner is my favorite meal of the day. I love it because usually, breakfast is something I can grab and go, lunch is always something simple, but dinner I can plan and cook and really have a nice homecooked meal

DIY Nursery Decor For Girls

Mary Aurellano — 02/18/2018

If you or anyone you know is expecting, they’ll love these DIY Nursery Decor For Girls. Having a baby is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can get stressful. You start picking out names, decorating the nursery, and find out that

Healthy Snacks

Mary Aurellano — 02/17/2018

If you’re anything like me then you love to snack. I’m pretty lucky because I actually love healthy foods, and knowing I’m snacking smarter and feeling my body feels great. Now, I’m not saying I never reach for a bag of

DIY Man Cave Decor Ideas

Mary Aurellano — 02/16/2018

Every man wants a Man Cave. Some men actually have one, and some are still dreaming. If a man in your life wants a Man Cave, the perfect gift would be to create some fun DIY decor for him. This

DIY Wood Projects

Mary Aurellano — 02/15/2018

I love crafting, and I love using all different types of things to craft with. I’m not a picky crafter, but one of my favorite things to make are DIY Wood Projects. I love working with wood because it’s so versatile.

DIY Scrunchies

Courtney Chambers — 02/15/2018

**This post is sponsored by Clover. Thank you for supporting the brand partners that make A Little Craft In Your Day possible.** Hey everyone- I am so excited to share today’s easy sewing project with you. I am sure you have noticed

Easy St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mary Aurellano — 02/14/2018

St. Patricks day is coming up quick and now is the time to prepare for it! Whether you’re throwing a party, attending one, or just having a relaxing day, your kids would love some fun crafts to celebrate the day.

St Patrick Day Party Ideas

Mary Aurellano — 02/13/2018

St Patrick’s day is coming up and if you or someone you know is going to host a party, they need to see this great roundup! Party planning is stressful and can be expensive, which is why DIYing is the