2/28 | Yarn Picture Frame

Hey Everyone!!
As you may or may not know, I am truly a card maker. But it is fun to kind of think out of the box and make something to decorate your home or someone else’s!
On Wednesday I took PSATs and had a half day, so my cousin Kirsten and I went out to lunch, spent some time in the craft room, and watched a lifetime movie!
I really wanted to make something different and I knew I wanted to use yarn. This is what I made:
I saw my 3 month old cousin last night and I gave it to her for her nursery. I also gave her this frame when she was first born!
If you want to make one too, it is pretty easy, but time consuming (this is where movies help)! All I did was cover the entire front of a wooden frame from Michael’s in atg tape, and piece by piece I laid the yarn down, trying to keep it straight  and then I hot glued it on the back. I added a felt heart, a yarn swirl, and a supper cute sentiment from Tanner’s It’s a Baby set (on sale now!)!
Now that i think of it I probably should have put a small button in the center of the yarn swirl, but too late now!
Thanks for joining me and make sure to check out Tanner’s blog because he has a really cool DIY project and video for you!!