3/31 | DIY | Picture Collage | Money Saving idea to Buying Frames

Hey Everyone! Happy Saturday, Today we will be making a DIY Money saving frame. I know how everyone doesn’t like spending tons to showcase in your home.

Here’s What you need :


If your wondering exactly what wood I picked up from Home Depot, Don’t worry. I have a Picture of the Name I took there!


They have tons of options, But I picked this up because it looks really nice to paint on! ( I was right)

I also got the fine people at Home Depot to cut it down for me, from 2×4 to 2×2. Now I can make TWO of these!

Here’s my DIY Video :


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Instructions :

First, Take your wood and paint it the color of your choice. I chose Black! While thats drying be picking out pictures you want to put on your Collage. You can put however many you would like, As long as you can make them fit. Take your pictures and align them on your nicely dried wood. After you have found them all a nice home, You can take the Mod Podge and apply it to the back of the Pictures. Once you have a nice coat of Mod Podge apply it to the wood. Make sure you give firm pressure so no bubbles! Repeat this for all your photos. After those are dry we want to put another Coat of Mod Podge to seal are Collage and make it look Terrific! Last, But not least, Drill two holes into the wood. Then take Hooks or whatever you want to hang it with hang!

Sorry for the low Quality looking Picture, But Here’s how mine came out :



Hope you enjoyed today’s DIY Picture Collage,

This was pretty fun, Eh?? I love doing DIY projects around the home. That way you make it feel not only you saved money, You get to rejoice every time you see your DIY creations!

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Have a great day,