4/30 | Inspiration is Everywhere!

           Hey Everyone,

Yesterday I was thinking a lot about the difference of being inspired and copying someone’s idea. I still don’t know how far is too far or how different your creation has to be from the original. I think you just need to use your best judgement. Everyone has original ideas, I know you do! So when you create something with someone else’s creation in mind put your own spin on it and always give them credit!

One of my favorite things to is look for inspiration in unusual places: room layouts, magazine spreads, fashion, nature, etc.. Everywhere you look there is something inspiring! One of the things in card making and crafting in general that  I find a bit tricky is deciding what colors coordinate and are most appealing to the eye. What I do when needing little inspiration is go to the Everything tab on Pinterest, find different pins with cool colors(not just paper crafts) and am immediately inspired. One of the easiest ways to feel inspired is to pull out your products like a paper pack or stamps and see what comes you your mind!

These pictures are what inspired me to whip up the card I have to share with you today:

In the first photo I took the shore line and recreated it as horizontal stripes making the top one  thicker like the sky in the photo. The girl cartwheeling reminded me of a flag shape. The lumpy sand was reproduced on the card as litte hearts.

I used the color palet from the second photo. I noticed that for every color in the pattern the was 2 shades: one light and one darker.

So with all that in mind (and the photos open on my computer) and got crafting, and this was what came out:

Thanks so much for stoping by! I hope you have a fantastic day!