4/30 | DIY Home Decor : Dollar Store Apothecary Jars


Hey Everyone, Happy Wednesday over here! 🙂 I hope you all are having a great week. Last night I went to the Dollar store and picked up a few items for some upcoming videos. Anyway, I got some candle sticks and Vases.

DIY Home Decor : Dollar Store Apothecary Jars

I wanted to do a Dollar Store Craft since I haven’t really ever crafted with anything from the Dollar Store! My FAVORITE Dollar Store is Dollar Tree. They have a lot of items. Specially for Crafting. That’s one of my top tips for Dollar store Craft. I have been cleaning out my craft room and changing my studio ALL around. It was a little crazy Monday night, But I got threw. I now have a ALL new Video set up that I am so excited to be releasing TODAY in this Posts video!! It is really awesome and love it.


Here’s the video for today’s Project :

View Below | View on Youtube 

I really hope you enjoyed today’s video and Project. I thought it was something super simple and pretty in-expensize. Doing Cheap and fun crafts don’t always how to look, Well Cheap!  This is one I can do a lot.

Here’s a List of the things you could do with the Candle sticks and Vases from Dollar Tree :

• Hold Candy • Decorative Storage •Center pieces • Gifts -Possibilities are ENDLESS!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and the new style of videos 🙂 Remember to always SHARE, COMMENT, And Follow us Via Email. It’s the best way to keep in touch! If you have a post idea always let us know!

Have a great day!



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