4/30 | What to do with all your handmade Cards?

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Hey Everyone- Happy FRIDAY! Do you just not love Friday? I Know I do, I have been so busy this week! We have been doing State Testing and since we’ve been doing that I’ve had to get up real early! I haven’t really got a chance to craft, Specially since we are trying to find a cat a home and it’s living in my studio/Office. Did I mention I’m allergic to cats? Not so good for.

I was down there tonight and seeing all the cards that I have, I really thought I bet others don’t know what to do with theres either! Today’s post will be going over different things you can do with your Cards.

Here’s some ideas :

1. Send them out! I very rarely send cards, It’s really sad and I think I need to send them to more of my friends/Family. I know they would love to have a handmade card!

2. Sell them! You can easily now a days sell cards online. Have you ever considered it? You can sell them on sites like, Etsy, Ebay, Your Blog, Your Facebook, EVERYWHERE! Don’t go crazy, But mention it here and there. Ebay and Etsy are great, You can list your items and when they sell you simply ship the cards and the money goes to your Paypal Account 🙂

• Another option is sell them in your town. How you ask? Go to small shops, and ask them if you can sell them there! Let them take a cut of the money and you will still get something. Don’t forget you can also let your family know about your cards and if you want to get more serious you can take custom orders.

3. Have you thought about sending them to Hospitals? There is tons of hospitals that accept them. You could even go to your local hospital and I’m sure they would pass out get well cards to the patients 🙂

Are you not into letting your Precious handmade cards go? I understand, I have some ideas for you too! Here’s some storage solutions 🙂

• Last Christmas I created a Holiday Card Box for Favecrafts.com and people loved this idea, You could use it organize your cards as well.
• Hobby Lobby offers AWESOME storage solutions, I’ve used them and I’ve stored lots of cards in them!


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• This next one might surprise you, But Hey it works! LUNCH BOXES! I use lunch boxes, I used to pack my lunch when I was in I think 1st grade, So I had a lot of lunch boxes sitting under the sink. I started using them to store my cards in. They stay nice and safe in there as long as don’t get crushed, But I keep them safe 🙂 My mom also has 31 Lunch Boxes I use, too!

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I Hope you enjoyed today’s ideas! Make sure to have a great Friday! Thanks for stoppin’ By!