4/30 | Bowdabra Wreath

Hey Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! This week is off to a rocking start! Did you see the 16 awesome teacher gift ideas from yesterday? You should go check them out!

But today I have a really awesome product and project to share with you!!

The Bowdabra!!

If you ever plan on tying a bow you need a Bowdabra! If you stink at tying bows (can’t be good at everything) the bowdabra is going to be your savior! I can’t tie a bow for the life of me! But with this fantastic invention it is a piece of pie and takes less than 5 minutes start to finish!

Once the bow was made I added it to a wreath I had made last summer. It is simply a straw wreath wrapped in hot pink fun fur!

To hang this wreath I looped a piece of the same wire ribbon and nailed it to the top of my door!

Then attached the bow with the Bowdabra Bow Wire (so much better than floral wire)!

I love seeing it each time I go in my room, or pass it in the hallway!

Thanks so much for checking out today’s post and make sure to check out the Bowdabra Blog!