5/31 | How to Make a Banner :: Paper crafting

Today I am going to share with you the secret to How to Make a Banner! When I volunteered to make a banner for my cutie patootie one year old friend, I thought it would be simple. I google searched it, pinterested it, and nothing. Well, not nothing, but the different ways that were suggested, I had tried before, and they never turned out like expected. The letters would all do flips, it was a pain,  and just didn’t look that great. I’m not claiming this as my own, for people have probably done this before, but there was not a tutorial that I could find on the internet.


Here ya go!


I cut each of my pendants at 7 by 3.25 inches and scored them at 1 inch.

Fold at the score line.


Cut a slit in the middle about to inches long and cut from your corners in to the top of the line to make the flag shape.

Then I added a scallop border to the top and a letter.

Next  add adhesive to the 1 inch flap, position string or ribbon, and close flap.

Add each pendant in order and make sure they are evenly spaced!

I hung mine with some scotch tape and put a bow over the tape.


I will never make a banner another way again!

Thanks for checking out todays’s post!