5/31 | Do you get bored in one Craft?


Hey everyone-


Happy Sunday! Today I want to talk to you all about do you ever get bored in one craft of yours? I used to be a super HUGE cardmaker. For the past 3 ish years, That’s really all I done. I mean, I’ve done a few DIY projects or just something different. But I really only made videos on Cards. I don’t really know why? I limited myself, A LOT! Do you ever do that? I have. I don’t know why, But for a while I got “bored” with Cards. Don’t get me wrong, I love making them. But, I like projects! I felt that my cards were the same and I wasn’t getting the reward that I used to from them. Have you ever felt that way? You’ve did it for so long, But you’ve got burnt out?

Probably last summer, I started doing more Projects. They take a lot more time and energy, But there so fun. That’s the reason I craft. To have fun and Reward from it. I will say paper-crafting is a little different and the supplies you need for it is a lot different then doing DIY projects, Wouldn’t you agree? But I still love them, I just have to gather and buy new DIY Products. Hehe. I wonder if you all at home our like this too? I will say DIY projects are more time consuming and take a lot more energy. But, I will say I get the most reward from them.

The reason I’m doing today’s Post is to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! You don’t know what you could be missing! I love crafting. Isn’t that what we all love to do? Don’t Categorize yourself, I think it’s better thinking in our mine we’re crafters. That word is a VERY strong word that stands for many different things. Cooking, Card Making, Knitting, Everything.

I hope you enjoyed today’s posted and I hope that it got you thinking about different crafts and maybe you will find a interest in one of them, Never know til you try!


Have a GREAT day!