5/31 | 10 Handmade Jewelry Ideas

Hey Everyone! We are sharing 10 Handmade Jewelry Ideas today, Who’s excited? Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to hop into another great week! To start your week off right, we have gather 10 amazing pieces of jewelry that YOU can MAKE! How fun is it to wear around and show off your creations? Let get started!


1. Washer Necklace @ Trend Hunter 


2. J Crew inspired Statement Necklace @ Make: Craft 

3. Puffy Paint Faux Beaded Bracelet @ Home Heart Craft  


4. Chevron Ring @ Sprinkles in Spring 


5. Wire Heart Necklace @ I Spy DIY 


6. Paint Chip Ombre Chevron Necklace @ By Wilma 


7. Painted Wooden Bead Necklace @ Laura Parke 


8. Glass Tile Pendents @ Above Rubies Studio 


9. Chunky Chain Bracelet @ A Splendid Assemblage 

10. Tassel Earrings @ Make It and Fake It 


So, whatcha think? Any “must makes”? Pin them on Pinterest, so when you find a little craft in your day you can remember these awesome handmade jewelry ideas!  You can make something adorable and wearable!

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