5/31 | Deck Remodel ideas | Before and Progress

Hey everyone!

Happy Tuesday. Today on the blog i’m sharing my Deck Remodel/Start to Decorate the decks.  When we bough our house in 2008 it came with this pathetic deck. We want a Deck that can be Functional, Pet Friendly, Easy to clean, And have tons of storage. When you look at the up to date Pictures you will see, There’s TONS of space. Just not being used Properly. This summer my goal is to fix that and make it a very great place to Swim, Relax, and enjoy! I’ll be doing a update in about a month or so. Be sure to stay tuned!

Here’s some Picture’s I actually forgot to take before pictures, But here’s the best I can do :


So, We have 3 things we need to fix, Not including that are old deck was incredible SMALL! It was around 10 x 10 (I think Anyway)

One thing we wanted to use from the Start was Composite. It is FANTASTIC. If you are building a deck, I would recommend this 100%. It’s great. No splinters, Easy to clean, and with someone that has 10 dogs you need that. One thing you will not like is the PRICE. We looked into it and couldn’t believe how much. For a  ChoiceDek Foundations 5/4 x 6 x 16 Beach house Grey Composite  found at Lowe’s it is 25 dollars. (Not sure if it’s what you need, Since some reviews are awful) ANYWAY- We were in luck. A friend of my moms had some left over from when she had her deck build and her ex-Husband got A WHOLE lot from where he worked. She had A LOT left in her barn taking up space and she GIVES it to us. All we did was pay a friend to bring it here. After it arrived, We contacted a contractor and talked with them about what we wanted. It was pretty simple, We wanted a wrap around deck, Using the Composite and lattice going around the deck. That way the pups can’t jump off the deck, Of course!

They got started and was done within like 2 weeks?! We had it done in 2009, So forgive me 🙂

That deck got finished and we were IN LOVE! We spent the rest of the Summer/Fall outside on our deck. We got a little Outdoor Furniture from Lowe’s and was happy as can be. Now, I wasn’t a DIYier, Then as I am now. So I totally forgot to take progress pics! hehe.

About 2 years had pasted. We got a Above Ground pool build right above are nice little deck and we wanted to EXTEND! Sadly, It was a little “Up-Hill” and with the pool being above ground since are Fill Lines was in the way for a in-ground, We decided we would add another “Floor” to are deck! The idea was looking awesome in are head, We never really saw anyone do anything like it. We also found out that the Contractor who done are first deck ripped us off, So we got a family friend to do this one. The awesome thing was, We had MORE composite decking not being used! We decided to put it to use. They started one day and I was SUPER happy. They finished about 2 months later, He was busy and the weather didn’t cooperate. As they were building it, I wanted to be able to be outside at night and swim, That’s what all the cool kids do, right? So We had to get LIGHTS! We found these nice little lights at home Depot and goes perfect! We first had it where it would be every-other post, Then we changed are minds and had them wire every post they could. They Finally finished and we had are deck. I’m really now trying to find nice ways to decorate so it is STILL a work in Progress!

But here’s Updated Pictures :

Here you can see the nice Blue Composite decking with the White Railing’s made from Vinyl. I love it. We also have the Gates for the puppies so they can’t run away 🙂 I love are table, It’s so nice for family cook outs.

Here’s the other part of the L-Shape Deck #1… You can see the Grill and the Table again.

This view is Mostly showing you the stairs. I really love how it connects like that.

We have another hand-Rail that needs to be installed, But that’s why were still making progress.

The Top “Pool” deck is where we need the most decor work. It’s more Goal to Design a Space with Seating, Sunning, and Storage for all the Pool toys.

There is some under the deck storage where you can keep Pool toys, Chemicals, Anything really. Right by the pool!


Remember, It’s all a work in Progress. But if ONLY i had a Starting point picture, You could see that it’s a HUGE Change. I’m going to continue to look for it and when I find it I’ll be sure to edit the post and add it 🙂 I’m super excited to work on the Design aspect and make it where it can be very livable. We have a Fire Pit that we will be finding a place for, A DIY Pallet Couch, and some Tanning chairs.

Be sure to stay tuned for a update on how its coming. Thanks for stopping by!