6/30 | How to make Low Fat Brownies

Have you ever wondered how to make Low Fat brownies? I found this awesome box at our local grocery store. It has NO CALORIES and barely anything else.


You simply follow the ingredients on the box, and BAM! You have your brownies. I think the craziest part is that you only need 1/3 water and 2 Tbsp. of Vegetable oil. Crazy, Right?
I have a video tutorial on how to make low fat brownies. I created it just for this post, Check it out!

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I have thought of tons of places I could make these! I actually made them for my cousins to come over because we had a pool party. (They loved them) Like I said in the video, They dry out your mouth. But when you think of how healthy they are, You just can’t beat it! I personally think there totally worth it. I wouldn’t take these to a Church Lunch or anything. Just because everyone at my church loves sweets. Hehe. If you are trying to make that transition to healthy eating you might would like to check out the Organic/no wheat isle in your local grocery store. It might be small but that is where I found this and a whole bunch of other stuff! I hope today’s post has inspired you to try a healthier treat. If you try to make them be sure to share on our Facebook page! 

Hope you enjoyed!