6/30 | Blast from the Past

Hey everyone!!

I thought today was the perfect time to take a look back on good old times! Yesterday I went out to lunch with my great aunts and uncles that i haven’t seen in forever! We did a lot of reminiscing and i thought we could of some of that here! But A Little Craft In Your Day style! Lets flashback to some good old times with my favorite projects..

Do you Remember when tanner took his iPad box and turned it into an amazing memory keeper? You can check that out here!

How about when Courtney taught you how to make rolled flowers? That was a good one, wasn’t it? Check it out here!

OMG how about the time Tanner shared with us the fabric pot he made his mom for mother’s day? Check that amazing post here!

Another good time was when Courtney altered those Cause bracelets to make key chains! How fun was that? Check it out here!

Even better was the time when Tanner used solely items from the dollar story to make theses cool aromatherapy jars!! So fun! Check them out here!

Last but not least, do you remember the time when Courtney use the amazing Bowdabra to make a fun wreath to hang on her bedroom door? You can check that out here!

Thank you for joining me on this walk down memory lane! I hope you have enjoyed it, and maybe we can do it again some time! Don’t forget to pin your favorite projects!!

Have a Great Day!!