6/30 | DIY Garden Marker

Hey everyone!!

What a gorgeous summer day!! The perfect day for some gardening! I just planted some herbs and wanted a way to remember which was which, but a cuter way then those paper tabs that came in the pot. Let me show you how I made a DIY garden Marker out of paint sticks!

Here is what you will need:

First I painted my paint sticks with the lighter of my two colors.


Next, I drew a chevron design on my painter’s tape.

I then cut the designs out and placed them on the paint stick along with the letter stickers spelling out the herb’s name.

Next, I painted over it with the darker of the colors. I used 3 coats for better coverage.

Then I proceeded to peel off the pieces of tape and the stickers to reveal the blue behind!

**Use a small paintbrush to fix any blemishes!

These were so simple and look so cute in my mini garden.. aka a pot.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have a fun way to label your plants or have made a DIY Garden Marker of your own I would love to see!

Have a fabulous day!