6/30 | Washer Necklace with Washi Tape

Hey Everyone!!

Today I have a really fun project that both teens and adults will love to create and wear! The materials you need might surprise you, its not found in the jewelry section of the craft store rather at the hardware store! We are making a Washer necklace!

Here is everything you will need:

First, start by covering all of your washers with washi tape. Choose 3 patterns that you like and the go together nicely. If you have thinner washi tape that doesn’t cover the entire washer, simply place multiple pieces side by side.

Next you will want to cut the excess tape off.

Then generously coat them with Mod Podge on the frond and the back!

Here is a picture of the pieces all lined up in order. They will be stacked so that the Sparkle Light by Megan Elizabeth  is on top and the bail on the bottom!

Glue them together with some E600 and you have a fabulous pendant necklace!!

Isn’t that so fun? I just love it and can’t wait to wear it, I think that I have the perfect outfit to wear it with too!

Have a great and crafty day!