7/31 | Baseball String Bracelet :: DIY

I really love Baseball, Don’t you? Maybe not you, But think of someone in your family that does. Today I’m featuring this awesome Baseball String Bracelet by I can find the time!

I used to play baseball ever since I was around 5? I started T-Ball around then and I loved it! I played until I was 11 and then it just got a little boring for me, anyway I have a baseball bracelet! But it wasn’t a DIY one. My mom actually found them at a store and I wore it til my wrist got to big. Then I was sorta sad! Now after finding this amazing tutorial, I will be able to make one for me. I’m excited! Have you ever wanted to make a Baseball Bracelet? There pretty cool and I encourage you to. Also this is a perfect Teen craft, I’m going to share it with my old baseball friends!

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[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”Rpr5Xmxj” upload-date=”2018-05-09T12:53:20.000Z” name=”DIY Bracelets” description=”These were fun to make and great to mindlessly work on while binging Gilmore Girls. I hope you stick around to read how you can make your own DIY Bangles.”]

Click here to view the full tutorial