7/31 | Tie Dye Fun

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday!

Today I am gonna show you how much you can make with just 1 bandanna and some tie dye fun!

First we tie dyed our white bandana ($2 from Joann Fabrics) with ilovetocreate Tie Dye Kit. We followed this tutorial:

and came out with this:

How cool is that! When we were tie dyeing it we definitely did not think we would get such wonderful results. So, don’t get worried if it doesn’t look so hot before you untie it! Another tip would be not to be stingy with the dye.

This is how you are going to want to cut it.  We folded it in half diagonally and cut along the folded lines.  Sometimes I like to iron the fold lines just to be sure!

Then fold the headbands so the ragged edges don’t show, fold the dog bandana until it is the right size for the dog, and braid the 3 skinny stips together for your bracelet! Here is what you will get:

They were super fun to make and they look super cute on! What more could you ask for!!