7/31 | Chocolate Bowls with Balloons

Hey everyone! Tanner here today, I LOVE Chocolate and wouldn’t you love to have a chocolate bowls with balloons? Today’s video is all about it. I think its a great way for kids to eat a healthy snack and then get to eat the chocolate. I really love the taste of them, You can also get different colors of Candy Melts which is awesome if you want it to go with a specific Color scheme. Ex. 4th of July Red or Blue. You can put ice cream in them and it will also taste super good.

These are super easy, You can buy most of the materials from the Dollar Store. That’s where I purchased the Balloons and I already had some Candy Melts!

Here’s today’s episode :

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I really LOVED making these. You really just need to leave them in the freezer for about 30 minutes and if you think there done you can take them out. I so wish I had one of these as a kid. They remember the funniest thing and I KNOW I would remember if I could eat a bowl I ate ice cream or something out of, Wouldn’t you? Make sure to let us know if this inspires you to try it! 🙂 Chocolate Bowls with balloons are amazing, You will think so too!

Have a great day!

Tanner Bell