7/31 | Mosaic CD Frame : TEEN CRAFT : DIY

Today on A Little Craft In Your Day, I’m going to be sharing with you all how to make a Mosaic CD frame. Sounds cool huh? It super easy and a PERFECT Teen Craft. Since I’m a Teen these crafts are perfect. When you get your frame from Michael’s and going to pick out your Paint make sure its a color that will go good in the room that its going in. Example, If your room is White, Blue, and Red it wouldn’t make much sense to paint it Purple! If you can find the same paint as your walls your friends will be ultra jealous and want to find out how you got that custom frame for under a few dollars! (Or you can tell them it was $20 dollars at Walmart and there sold out, Bahaha)

When you are breaking the CD’s, Make sure to let them sit in the freezer for 5-10 minutes. It helps a WHOLE bunch when in comes to the cutting part. As you cut make sure you don’t do the same pattern. Spice it up! I let mine having some red space, Just because I love that color. I could of also covered it more with broken CD pieces.

Here’s what you will need :
•Michael’s Picture Frame
• Folk Art Paint
• Old CD’s
• Tacky Glue by ilovetocreate
If you have all this you will be able to make your Mosaic CD Frame in NO TIME!

Check Out This Cool DIY Wooden Photo Frame!
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”Ef6d6s9n” upload-date=”2018-04-30T13:01:01.000Z” name=”Wooden Photo Frame” description=” I wanted to make a DIY photo frame that would represent me. I was roaming around Michaels and found this great wooden frame and got inspired. This is a super simple project. It makes great home decor.”]

Would you like a video tutorial to make your Mosaic CD frame? Here you go :

View Below | View on Youtube 

I hope all you teens enjoyed this craft and if you create it, Come share it with us on FACEBOOK! 
Have a great day!