7/31 | DIY Suncatcher


Hey Everyone!!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week! Summer is getting crazy around here and I am loving it! Today’s craft is the perfect summer day project! Lets use this summer sun for a little more then a tan with a DIY suncatcher! Little kids, teens, adults, are all going to have a blast making these suncatchers! It’s fascinating how you get your end results!

What you need:

  • plastic pony beads
  • 6” cake pan
  • mini muffin tin
  • drill with a tiny bit
  • block of wood
  • stretchy jewelry cord

What you do:

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Arrange you pony beads in your bakeware. This is the fun part! Get the kids involved!! You can make patterns and lots of fun stuff!!
DIY_Suncatcher DIY_Suncatcher2
Place in oven and cook at 440 degrees for 20 minutes.


They will melt!


And simply pop out once cooled!


To make the holes, place pieces on top of the block of wood and drill! (be careful not to break your drill bit)
Now string them together with the stretchy cord (as they were arranged above) and hang!

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WALA! You have a beautiful sun catcher!! How Beautiful is it! I really love it and have already have had people ask me how I made it, and of course they left wanting to make their own!

Have a Great day!!


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