7/31 | DIY Magazine Holder

Magazines are something everyone has, So I thought making a DIY Magazine Holder out of a Cereal box would be super fun! That’s what were doing today on the blog.


What you will need for this project is :

•Mod Podge
•A Cereal box
•Foam Brush


After you have gathered all of your materials let’s get started! It’s really simple what we are going to do. You will want to take your box and draw something like shown below. Take a ruler if you need any help. That will give you the cool “Magazine Holder” look. After, You simply take your paper and decoupage your cereal box. A tip is to sand the edges after you’ve attached it to your box.


What a simple DIY, huh? I loved it and think if would be really easy for teens to make one for there room.


I hope you enjoyed todays simple and fun DIY Magazine Holder. It was fun to make and I would love to see yours!

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