7/31 | DIY Lace Shorts

Hey everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Today I am so excited to share with you the DIY Lace shorts me and my cousin made! She was staying over my house a couple weeks ago, and she brought an old pair of hand-me-down denim shorts. She asked me if I could help her make them shorter. But oh honey did we do more than that! Yes, we did make them shorter. But we also jazzed them up a little with some fun lace!

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They look almost exactly like these shorts from Free People that cost $88!! Okay, maybe not exactly like them… BUT ours were free! So she isn’t complaining!

Follow this tutorial to make your own!!

First cut the shorts to the length you want them. TIP: use a piece of string as a guideline. Wrap it around the leg where you want to cut, making sure it is even and cut along the line.

Next pin the lace to the bottom of the shorts. Or you can use these Wonder Clips from Clover, they are amazing and I will never sew without them again!  You want the lace to be upside down with the bottom lined up to the bottom of the shorts.

This picture should help in explaining:

Then sew the lace in place!

 Finishing Touch: Add a small bit of lace to the pocket to bring them all together!

And Walah! You have an awesome new pair of  cute shorts!!

These seriously came together so quick! If you don’t sew, you could definitely use liquid stitch! So grab a friend and make yourselves some cute new shorts for back to school!

Have a great day,


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