8/31 | DIY Magazine Holder

Today on A little craft in your day we have a awesome DIY Magazine holder. I’m going to share with you how to make it. Go gather supplies shown below and let’s hop right in!

First thing first guys, Take your cereal box and draw from one end to the other and cut around. I forgot to take a picture of mine. But, I do have a picture of the excess from what was cut.


After this is cut out, Get some paper that matches your room (Or wherever your going to have your DIY magazine holder) You will want to take your Mod Podge and apply it to the back of the your cardstock. I used some Canvas Corp paper. They have great paper. After you do that your pretty much done. You can sand your paper and cereal to match up and feel nice. I made mine really simple. You can embellish it as much, or as little as you would like. Enjoy!