8/31 | Back To School with Craft Attitude


Hey everyone! Today I am crafting with Craft Attitude! With the school year approaching with less then a week or two away here in Tennessee you need some easy DIY’s for this school year!
Craft Attitude is going to your biggest help. I love mine and I’m sharing with you how I made a Customized Clipboard! I have a School schedule on the front and a Picture collage on the back.

Here’s the video teaching you step-by-step :

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Now you will always know which class you are going to next. I SO wish I had this going threw Middle school, I stressed a LOT! I also love the back collage, That I made with Picmonkey.com. I went with my instagram pictures. You could take a collage of pictures from summer vacation and use them. You could also make one for a very in expensive gift! Think if someone was receiving this as a present and had there pictures. I know they would be amazed with your talent. I’m going to share step by step using craft attitude! It’s real easy!

Craft Attitude is a crafting film that works on many different mediums.  Here’s the steps to using it :

•Select Artwork, Pictures, or text
•Do a Mirror flip, Which is a horizontal flip.
•Print your artwork. I recommend you test your artwork on copy paper before using the product.
•Let Dry and trim
• Apply glue from a glue stick to whatever material you are working with
•Remove the backing sheet from Craft attitude and smooth it out, Not pressing to hard because it will stretch your Craft Attitude

After I applied the films all I done was add a few simple embellishments and I was done! How awesome, huh?

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