8/31 | How to Paint An Ombré Wall

Have you ever wondered How to Paint An Ombré Wall? Today we are featuring a post that teaches you how! The blog is called, Just like the number. 

Ombre is loved by many, hated by few. I seriously don’t know how you could go wrong with it in your room. This is the perfect Teen DIY project to make their room stand out from there friends. Most of my friends rooms our white. I think I need to inspire them to get some paint and get creative. If you could have your walls done anyway you wanted it, What would they look like? Be sure to check the full post out!

Check Out How To Make This Melted Crayon Art! Perfect Wall Decor!
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”ZVWIis13″ upload-date=”2018-04-27T14:17:04.000Z” name=”Melted Crayon Spring Bouquet” description=”I love making DIY spring crafts and today I finally faced my fear of melting crayons. I made a beautiful Melted Crayon Spring Bouquet. I’m so glad I did. It was truly a super simple craft. “]

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