9/30 | DIY Nail Art

Hey Everyone!

Today I am really excited to share this super fun post with you! We are doing DIY Nail Art with Smooch products by Clearsnap! They really have the best brush for this! I have tried tons of nail design nail polishes and they all stink. Smooch has it figured out tho! This is so fun, so lets get right to it!

Here is what you will need:

  • Smooch in various colors
  • Finger or Toenails 
  • Clear Top Coat 


1. Add a dot in the middle of your nail, this will be the center of your flower, and a green stem from the center to the bottom left corner of your nail. 2. Paint on petals. I found that 6 worked out nicely. For this just make sure to go slow and insure that you do not have too much paint on the brush. 3. Continue your stem up to the top right corner of your nail. You may also add leaves at this point. Additionally, I added blue polka dots to bring the whole design together. 4. After your design dries, apply a top coat.

Here is what the tip looks like. Genius.

How fast, fun, and fabulous is that? Instead of doing to the salon and spending outrageous amounts of money, have a girls night and do DIY nail art with all your friends! You will all have a blast and leave with gorgeous nails!  Just don’t forget the Smooch!

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Have a Great Day!