9/30 | Google Hangout CHALLENGE! “Follow the ICE Queen to the Emmys!” #CraftingTheEmmys



Ice Resin is going to the Emmys! How exciting! Have you ever heard of Ice Resin? It is a amazing resin that you can do at home, it is jewelers grade crystal clear self doming! I was actually playing with this stuff yesterday and it is so fun! I filled some bottle caps and they turned out awesome! Ice Resin is perfect for all your mixed media projects. Totally recommend.

Tomorrow aka Saturday the 14th of September, we will be having a Google hangout that I will be moderating. It is at 10:00AM PST on the Ice Resin Youtube Channel! Click HERE to go over there and we will be streaming at 10:00AM PST! I’m super excited and hope to see you!


Please come join in all the fun! There will be a giveaway and I’m excited to participate in this google hangout.

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Have a great day!