9/30 | Laura Kelly Popcorn Box Bloghop!


Hey everyone welcome to the Halloween Popcorn Box BlogHop! I am so excited you are here today. Are you as big of a fan of halloween as me? I LOVE halloween. It’s for sure one of my top holidays, I don’t know if its the actual holiday or that I just love doing things during fall.

When Laura invited me to hop this hop, I had no idea what to make. I mean, lets just say in my 4 years of blogging no one has asked me to decorate a popcorn box for Halloween.  But, I LOVED the idea.
I sorta stressed actually at what I wanted to do and how the look would come out. I think I got it just how I wanted it.

How did I make it you might be asking? Well, I’m actually super glad you asked. When I showed my amazing blog partner Courtney she said it looked like stickers. Nope! Scrapbook Paper.
Here’s how to :

First pick a Scrapbook paper pad, I chose this Me & My Big Ideas Paper Pad. It is really fun and helped me reach the affect I was going for.

Then just cut all the little images you want out. Make sure you have enough to cover the whole Popcorn box. After that, I sprayed a little water from a spray bottle on the back of my paper and applied some Mod Podge. The paper is thick, so the water helps it move and fold easier. It really is magic!
After I did that all the way around my popcorn box, I let that dry and applied a sealer coat or two of Mod Podge. I love me some Mod Podge! It gives it such a great overall feel. I love my Popcorn box. I remember in Elementary School when we walked around school and Trick-or-Treated. I would of loved to had my Popcorn box to hold all my candy!

I have a silly question to ask, would you like a giveaway? I know, its silly. Who wouldn’t?

All you have to do is enter right below, theres tons of great ways to get more entrees!

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  Be sure to check out all my fellow designers and what they’ve done with their popcorn box! You will love it.

Thank you all for stoping by and a special thanks to cre8time for all of your support! Have a GREAT DAY!