10/31 | Pumpkin Tea Light Candles

Hey Everyone!

Its fall! I love fall! I love seeing the trees change color, the temperature is perfect, and pumpkins! I have an obsession with mini pumpkins. They are just so darn cute I can’t help myself! I went to a local produce store near me the other day and got a TON! They were 4 for $1 and I also got some mini gords 3 for $1! So of course i had to get a couple.. baskets full…

Anyways, since i have so many i thought i would get a little crafty and make them into candles! Its so easy! Just 3 steps!

1.) Place the tea light on top of your mini pumpkin and trace around it.

2.) Cut along your line, discard the seeds, and add your tea light!

3.) Use a heat gun to melt the wax to completely fill the whole and smooth it out. Use your fingers if needed.

That is it! And they look so cool and festive! I am loving this project!

Thanks for stopping by today, if you have made any fall crafts this season please share them with us on our Facebook page!