10/31 | Doggy Pool Party Kid Craft (Plus PomTree Giveaway)

I love doing Kid Crafts with my cousins that I hang out with frequently, I’ve done tons of crafts with the older ones. But, It’s really hard to find things that are fun for a 2-3 year old. PomTree Kids is PERFECT! I went over to my cousin Jaylee’s house (Age 3) and we got our creativity on. One thing I love about PomTree Kids is that you can customize the kits. The possibilities are endless! Jaylee had these doggies that she LOVES playing with, so she wanted to make something that they could play in. She also loves the pool. We’ve decided to make a pool house with a slide and a pool! This is really fun. Let’s get started!


Isn’t this fun?  Let me teach you how you can make it! All you need is the Swing Along Pet Playset, Construction Paper, Doggies, Tape, and a marker! (Maybe some glue if you want to glue the box and pool house together)


Pom Tree has these awesome boxes, that are re-useable! Isn’t that awesome? So guess what Jaylee and I decided to make our Pool out of? The box! It worked great for her.

First you need to follow the instructions to the Swing along Pets playset aka your pool house! You don’t have to set everything up, we didn’t use the swings.
It is really easy for Jaylee to build. It also helps children at problem solving. Just like a puzzle. She learns how to do it and feels great that she can “Do it herself”! She really enjoyed it. After that, we took the box and covered it with blue construction paper. We taped it down so it wouldn’t be going anywhere. After that, we took our blue marker and made waves. To show the doggies were splashing around. Isn’t that fun?


Jaylee LOVES the slide for her doggies. It is really fun for them she tells me. Please excuse my pictures, she didn’t want me to take it home and get photos. She was having to much fun! What do you all think? I loved this project and got quality time with my cousin. You could do this with your children, or maybe someone else’s kid! I totally recommend it.


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