10/31 | Custom Onesies

Hey Everyone! Have you been hit with the mustache phenomenon yet? I managed to avoid it for so long, until I saw this. I just had to give in to the trend when I came across the cutest little baby onesie on Etsy. I knew I had to make a DIY version to share with you all.

Here is how you can make one for the little men in your life as well!

First cut out your words and design out of freezer paper. I used my Silhouette Cameo which makes this step so much easier, but if you don’t have a die cutting machine, don’t worry! Next, iron the freezer paper stencil on to the onesie with the plastic coated side face down. **Also slip a piece inside. They form a bond when the plastic coating melts, that ensures no bleeding allowing your design to be as close to perfect as humans can get!

Next, paint inside of the stencil with ilovetocreate Soft Fabric Paint! This stuff is super durable and can withstand multiple washes coming out just as crisp each time! I love that about it and how easy it is to use!

Remove your stencil to reveal your design!  How fun is that!? I wish I had a little man to model it for you all, but I made it as a gift. It is actually for Tanner’s cousin, so maybe he can send us a picture of him wearing it! I’ll add it to the post if he does! For the other onesie in the picture I used the same technique, but customized it more to include the baby’s names!

Also, I didn’t include it in this tutorial, but when I bought the onesie it was white! I dyed it this awesome blue with the help of Rit Dye.. its magical.. check out Tanner’s post about it from yesterday!

Have a great day!

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