10/31 | How to have a halloween party! (On a budget)

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey everyone! I am super excited for today’s post. If you all can tell with all the posts, that I LOVE halloween. I love fall and just all about it. What isn’t great is everyone is so busy around this time. But I am so excited to be able to put together a Halloween Party this year, thanks to the help of Dollar General!

I went shopping at Dollar General and picked up some awesome stuff and got some amazing deals.

Here’s what I picked up :

I got some awesome sutff for under 25 dollars. Want to see what I done with them? Let’s get started. I’m excited!

First, I went a picked a pumpkin and carved it and Lit the pumpkin with my battery powered candles, I love these.

Don’t you love my pumpkin? Now when everyone walks up for the party the Pumpkin is lit up, for $1! Another outdoor decor for my party is the stickers for glass, I love these and my family gets them every year.

Aren’t they great? Now for the inside- I found these AWESOME Tumblers. Can I tell you what I paid? 2.50! I saw them at another retailer and they were $5. Just sayin’ go Dollar General! They are also fantastic quality and all your guests I know would be interested!

Another thing I love to have, is these awesome strimmer type halloween decor! These hang perfect on your celing. Dollar General has them so in expensive, so I always love the touch they bring.

One of my FAVORITE halloween candy is Nerds! Do you like them? I could eat them all day long. I picked some up at Dollar General to share with my guests.

I loved decorating this table. It was so fun. I got a set of 4 cups and plates at Dollar General. For a set of 4 cups or plates it was only $1. I also got this in expesive Table cloth there too! I decided to get creative with the garland and put it around the table. It gives the table cloth a fantastic touch! Can you see my DIY pumpkin in the back? I loved how it went so well with the blue!

I recommend ordering pizza’s for your Halloween party. It’s something easy and fun! You can make brownies and maybe have some chips and that’s about it for food wise. I truely think Dollar General can help make your Halloween party be a hit and save you tons of money. What do you all think? Don’t forget to go get your Halloween supplies at Dollar General this year! (and every year)

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Have a fantastic day! I can’t wait to see everyone share what there halloween party looks like! 🙂