10/31 | Halloween Games with Cottonelle

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Hey Everyone!

With Halloween just around the corner, we are all planning for the big night and our parties! Are you ready? or are you still needing some last minute party ideas? Whats a party with out some games?! Cottonelle makes this a breeze! And we have a coupon for you today! Use this coupon to get a free box of Kleenex Tissues when you buy your Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack at Target- while supplies last! Today I am going to share with you 2 fun games that we played at our neighborhood halloween party!

The first game we played was Mummy Wrap-Up
   This is such a simple and festive game and fun for everyone!

Here’s how you play:

  • Divide into teams, 2 people each. Each team gets one roll of Cottonelle Toilet paper
  • Pick one person on the team to be wrapped up like a mummy and one to be the wrapper
  • To start, place the beginning of the roll under the “mummy’s” arm, then the wrapper will run around the mummy until they are fully wrapped and all the toilet paper is off the roll.
  • The object of the game is to race the other teams to have your mommy finished first. You could also change the game a little and have the teams try to make the best mummy!

The other game we play was Pumpkin Bowling
   This was the kids favorite! They kept asking to play it again the  whole night! 

Here is how you play:

  • Make a pyramid out of the Cottonelle Toilet paper rolls. They will act as your pins.
  • Now get a small pumpkin to use as the bowling ball
  • Have each player roll the pumpkin and try to knock down as many of the toilet paper rolls as possible.
  • The person how gets the most down wins! Candy is always a great prize..

We had so much fun at our party thanks to Cottonelle and definitely recommend you play these games at your next holiday party! Make sure you pick up some Collonelle Toilet paper at your local Target and don’t forget to use your coupon!

I hope you all have an awesome halloween weather or not you play these games. but they are very entertaining so I suggest you do!

Have a great day,