11/30 | 20 Rit Dye Projects

Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday! Lets start the week right on the right foot! With LOTS of color. I love color, there is sometthing about bright colors that can make you so happy! Today I am excited to share with you 20 Rit Dye Projects I know you will love . Dyeing with Rit is so much fun! Look at all the things you can dye with it too..

1. Beads 

2. Resist Dye

2. Tie Dye Curtains

3. a Rainbow Pom-pom necklace

4. even a tent

5. Work Clothes

6. dye using ice

7. an Ombre Tassel Necklace

7. Throw Pillows

8. Ombre Jeans

9. Striped Scarves

10. Wicker Baskets

11. some Leggings

12. a Fancy Pillow

13. Dipped Dyed Tee

14. Ombre Lamp Shade

15. Another Lamp Shade

16. Graphic Tee

17. Animal Toy Box 


18. Popsicle Stick Flower 

19. a Two Color Clutch 

20. and a Button Skirt 

Wow. So much fun! Just like a rainbow. Pick up some Rit dye at a Walmart or craft store near you and add some color to your life!