11/30 | Dyed and Studded Jeans

Want to take a basic pair of white jeans and give them an entirely new life? I know you do! So today I am going to show you how with Rit Dye and Iron on studs. I was so excited I even posed a sneak peek picture on Instagram!

I had so much fun creating this stylish DiY project, and just had to share it with you all. Lets get started!

Here is everything you will need.

  • Liquid Rit Dye in Violet or any color of your choice
  • Iron on studs (theses are the ones I used)
  • White Jeans: old or new I got mine on clearance at Old Navy

Fist You are going to dye your Jeans. This is easier then it seems. There are direction on the bottle, but here is what you need to do:

1.) Fill a container with enough HOT water to cover the jeans. 2.) Pour in your dye. Test the color by dipping a paper towel into the dye bath. Add more dye if the color is lighter then you want, or more water if it is too dark. 3.) Place your jeans in the bye bath for 15 minutes. 4.) Remove and wash to remove excess dye.

Here is what they will look like dyed! Isn’t that so cool?! In the matter of 15 minutes my boring white jeans went from drab to fab! I am in love with the violet color!

You can call it a day here and just wear theses lovely bright purple jeans, or if you want to even take them to the next level add studs!

Arrange the studs how you would like. I outlined my front pockets with them and added a cluster to the back pockets, but you can put them down the sides, however you want!

Now just place a towel or rag onto of the studs, and iron for about 15-20 seconds. Its super easy.

Tada! Now you have a one of a kind pair of dyed and studded jeans! Your friends are going to be so jealous, and when they ask where you got them, you get to say “I made them!” How fun is that!?