11/30 | Sick Days Crafts with Kleenex

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No one likes to be sick, but sick days were a time for me and my mom to spend quality time together when I was a kid. We would snuggle, watch movies, and even craft. Years later, those memories still stay with me. I would love to share a few simple crafts for you to create with you kids while they are out of school.

We go threw boxes of Kleenex tissues like crazy in my house, especially with cold season is swing, and I am sure you all do as well. Make sure you use this coupon  to get 1 dollar off a 4 or 6 pack of Kleenex at Target before the next cold hits your house. The crafts I am sharing with you today are going to reuse those empty boxes.

First up is a Super Cute Monster!

The fist thing you will do is cover the box with paper. I chose red for my monster. (wrapping paper works great for this)

Next cut out some big sharp scary teeth!

Glue them to the inside of the cutout in the Kleenex box where the tissues come out. And add polka dots if you wish!

For the eyes, Use 2 inch styrofoam balls. Paint a smallish black circle in the centers and glue them to the top of the box and Tada you now have the cutest monster ever made out of a recycled Kleenex box!!!

We also have an adorable DIY Doll House you can make!

This is my favorite! What you will want to do is: cut the tops off the boxes, pick scrapbook paper to cover the outside (I chose wood) and then patterns for the inside walls, measure and glue!  Its the perfect little home for polly pockets of any small dolls your little ones play with, for me it was polly pockets. The more empty Kleenex boxes you collect the more rooms you can make!

Here is what mine looks like:

In this bedroom, I added a washi tape border and stamped some inspirational artwork.

In the reck room there is a rug, that I made out of a tissue! I ripped it in to tiny pieces and glued them to an oval of cardstock.

In the twins’ bedroom, I created a chair rail with a strip of white cardstock and used 2 different papers.

You are going to have some great memorable crafty fun the next time your child is home sick from school all thanks to Kleenex! Don’t forget your coupon to stock up on them at target!