12/31 | Chevron Holiday Placemats

*This is a sponsored blog post, All opinions are 100% mine.*

Hey Everyone,

Today I am so excited to share with you a simple but fun way to dress up your holiday table with Tulip Fashion Glitter! Your house is sure to radiate with love and fun this holiday season partially thanks to Tulip Holiday Sparkle and Shine! Lets jump right in to the tutorial!

First off let’s gather some supplies :

The picture above shows Chevron Frog Tape, a Canvas piece of fabric, Fabric Glitter Bond, and Fabric Glitter. Cut your fabric for whatever size placemat you need.
You will also need :
•2 brushes
•Beads in a Bottle in gold (Optional)

You first will want to place your tape onto your canvas aka your placemat.

After this, apply the Fabric Glitter Bond  (glue) and smooth out using a brush!

All you simply need to do is remove the Frog Tape. Now take the placemat and glitter to a box. Apply the glitter to the wet glue and put the leftover glitter back into the container. Let that dry and used a foam brush to remove extra glitter s. It worked like a charm!

You are now finished, for a extra touch I added Beads in a Bottle from ilovetocreate to the other side of my place mat. It was really neat and I LOVE the feel of them after it dries. They’re fun to play with. I hope you’ve enjoyed this holiday tutorial, I can’t wait to make a bunch more of these for our holiday dinner. You can get different colors of glitter to match your decor too.

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Don’t you want to glitter your holiday with tulip glitter now? I’m so happy I did and I know you will too! I’ll be sparkling all season long. It’s super easy!
Thanks for checking out todays post and hope you all have a wonderful day!

This post brought to you by ilovetocreate. All opinions are 100% mine.