12/31 | 3 Christmas Crafts- Local News Appearance

Hey everyone!

Tanner here again with a fantastic post that I’m so excited to share with you. Yesterday I got to go on our Local news for the 3rd time. It’s so fun being on and getting crafty with the hosts. We always have so much fun. If you’re new here and saw me on the news, BIG WELCOME! I hope you enjoy what you see and connect with us on Facebook.

Anyway, here the video from todays appearance.

Enjoy this fun video, I need to work on making weekly videos. I just have so much going on.

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Here’s everything we made as a little run down,

1. Sock Snowman – Here is a picture I stole off my instagram, I love them! You can really decorate them however you’d like.


2. Santa’s Belt Ornament – We simply used black cardstock and gold glitter paper!


3. Cones wrapped with Garland, I’m not going to talk to much about this because I’ll have a full tutorial on this coming real soon. It’s a really neat idea! Stay tuned.


Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy our blog. We enjoy you being here!