12/31 | Decorate the Holiday Table with Duck Brand®

This post brought to you by Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey eveyone! How are you all doing today? I’m doing great and so excited to share with you this fantastic craft. I’m getting the christmas table ready and this year I’ve been doing a lot of DIY for the holiday’s. My Family loves the customization of it.

Today I’m working with Duck Brand® and creating a fun Name place holder for the holiday table! Did you know that Duck Brand® has so many fun holiday designs? The possiblities are endless with them. You can wrap gifts, MAKE gifts, and create decor projects all from Duck Brand® It’s going to be fun. Let’s jump right in!

First you will need need to gather some supplies :

5×6 Piece of cardboard, Permant marker, Duck Brand® Tape of choice, cardstock, and glue if you don’t want to use the tape to put the name onto the Cardboard.

First, you will want to take your cardboard and fold it in half. You now will want to put a piece of Duck Brand® Duck Tape on the back so it doesn’t fall down.

Now that this is took care of, lets decorate the cardboard with some Duck Brand® Tape. Don’t worry about lining it up perfect, because we will be putting the name where the tape meets.

Now cut the cardstock down to size and write your guests name on it. You are done! I also have another idea to share with you. We have bought white napkins from a regular store and they’re so plain. I wanted to decorate them with Duck Tape® too. It’s really easy. Just put a piece of tape along the bottom.

I hope you enjoyed crafting with Duck Brand® today. I know I did. This year Duck Brand® wants everyone to Duck the Halls! So, what we want you todo is create a project and pin it! Don’t forget to use the Hashtag, #DuckTheHalls. We will have so much fun!

Duck Brand® is also on Twitter I loved seeing there tweets, so insprational. Don’t forget to follow them @TheDuckBrand 

Hope you all have a fantastic day and enjoy getting ready for Christmas! 🙂