12/31 | Tooth Box Craft

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to be showing you how I made a cute little tooth fairy box craft! This would be perfect to make with your little one while they have their first wiggly tooth! And then when it finally comes out, they can place it in the cute box next to their bed! The stamps I used for it are  from a really fun set of kid stamps from ClearSnap and they stamp on wood!

Here is what you will need to create your very own tooth fairy box:

Alrighty, first thing you wanna do is draw a tooth on your wooden box lid with the pen. I had to google to see what the silhouette of a tooth looked like! Then you want to paint it in with the white paint!

Then ink up your stamps. Stamp the adorable little fairy on the lid as well as well as the wand on the sides of the base!

And guess what! Thats it! Such a simple craft, I would definitely let the kids help out and make their own! They’ll have a blast! And the tooth fairy will always know where to find the tooth!

Thank you all for stoping by today! I Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Make sure to go like Clearsnap on Facebook!