12/31 | 15 Ways to Craft with Cork

Hey Everyone! Happy happy monday! I am so glad you are joining us today and I hope you had a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones! We sure did, and now we are back and ready as ever to share DiY inspiration with you all! Today we have rounded up 15 Ways to Craft with Cork! All of these crafts are cute and functional ways to use up that huge pile of cork that you may have. If you aren’t a wine drinker and don’t know someone who is, you can get corks pretty cheap on amazon! These are just too cute, i can’t wait to show you, so lets jump right in..
1.  Necklace

2. Decorative Balls

3. Ombre Heart Wall Art 

4. DiY Stamps

5. Washi Tape Corkboard 

6. Earrings

7. Herb Markers 

8. Monogram Tray

9. Cheese Knives 

10. Keychains

11. Giant Amperstamp 

12. Coasters 

13.  Place Card Holders 

14. Chevron Corkboard

15. Football Trivet